About Me

Chili Cuoghi was born in 1980 in Argentina, where she lived, studied and work until 2006. Since then she has been living in Spain, China and the United Kingdom. Her experiences abroad changed her views of the world. She got to be in contact with people of many different cultural backgrounds which led her to document a variety of topics on every place she has lived.

Chili studied photography at Argentine School of Photography (EAF) and works both on film and digital. She has had exhibitions in Barcelona, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and London.


September 2016. Argentine Ambassador’s Residence Open House. Collaboration with Miles Twist: A British Boy in Buenos Aires / An Argentine Girl in London

November 2015. UN Booking bookstore, Guangzhou, China. Cafés de Buenos Aires & Billares de Buenos Aires series.

May 2015. Shuxiangmendi Center, Shenzhen, China.

July 2014. Photogaphy Square, Xiamen, China. Cafés de Buenos Aires,Billares de Buenos Aires, Puntos Cardinales & Nación series.